We make animation and interactive content. Simple as that.

Our shows include, but are definitely not limited to: "Bob's Burgers", "Brickleberry," "The Awesomes," "Murder Police," "Bordertown," "Out There," "Allen Gregory," "Neighbors from Hell," and "Johnny's Bananas" from the HBO show "Entourage."

Bento Box has two California studios located in Burbank and North Hollywood, and one in Atlanta, Georgia.

Header Artwork by: Thomas Perkins

Artist Profile — Devin “DVO” Roth


Meet Devin “DVO” Roth— supervising character designer at Bento Box Entertainment. He is currently working on the new FOX animated series, “Bordertown,” which airs in 2015. Devin has also created character designs for other Bento shows such as, “Bob’s Burgers,” “Murder Police,” and “Brickleberry.”


How did you get your start in the animation industry?

My father, being an avid autograph collector and knowing that I was a fan of animation, took me with him to meet John K. (Creator of Ren and Stimpy) so that he could get some things signed while at the same time, introducing me to someone I looked up to as a kid. My dad ended up telling him how interested I was in animation and how much I liked to draw, that John’s producer who was there at the time asked if I wanted to help out around Spümco during the summer as an internship sort of deal. I ended up doing that, and it was a great experience that helped push me harder towards working in animation.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Being able to sneak in designs of my family and friends into the shows that I work on! ;)


Who are some of your favorite artists?

What hobbies or activities do you have outside of work?

Hockey, hockey, and more hockey.
In a single sentence, how would you describe yourself or your style?
Like listening to Van Halen for the first time, while riding bumper cars.

What single piece of advice can you give a young artist aspiring to do what you do?

Stick to one thing and be the best at it. Drink more Cactus Cooler.
What is the most random thing you’ve been asked to draw?
A sexy male wolf. With six-pack abs.

Thank you, DVO, for taking the time to share with us!

To see more of DVO’s art, check out his portfolio here.
Visit his Society6 store here.
You can also follow DVO on Instagram and Twitter: @devinator200
Photos by: Joel Kuwahara
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